Project Lead Developer, Growth Hacker, Analyst

I studied Computer Science. I develop several projects in my career. I am full stack developer, most of the projects I programed everything by myself. Other projects I colaborated with more people . I like to create bots. I´ve learned this tactics through my work in different my startups and in an acceleration program. My three passions are programming, online marketing, startups.

A Bit of me

Traction challange in Starter Week 13

In this traction challange alumni from Bbooster Acelerator Program had to get the most leads and visitis in 24 hours

DVN Event

May 1st, event hosted by Bbooster Ventures in Valencia, where Draper Venture Network members participate, jointly with startups and Valencia's startup ecosystem agents

traction challange circuit planet

Traction challange Cirkuit Planet

The objective of this traction challange was that the Cirkuit Planet employes and bosses participate in the creaction of a landing and geting some traction in just 1h and 30 min.

Google Developers Group Artificial Inteligence

I´hve organized and Artificial Inteligence course that was taught by Angel Lis.

Media for equity and product market fit

Grupo Zeta and me were giving a speach about product market fit and how to validate product in the barket. How to find a solution for a costumer segment and itereate untill you give value to it.

London Startup Ecosystem trip

The world is global. Now a days your clients are everywhere and your competitors too. Thats why some entrepeneurs did a trip to meet the London Startup ecosystem and visit big companies and Wayra, BlueBerries, Lynx Advisors and Fueled

Anika Project

Anika is a marketplace that links advertisers and add spots owners. Anika is a SaaS for ofline advertisment. We provide metrics to on-line advertisers as Comunication Agencies and Marketing directors in order them to measure the impact of their add. We did use lean startup methodology to sell to pivot one and sell to a business. Everything in 48 hours.

Babeltickets Project

Babeltickets is a ticketing, user registration and checkpoint platform. I was part as CTO and full stack developer

Tandem Spot Project

Tandem Spot puts in contact native language speakers in order to improve their oral skills. We went through the aceleration program of Bbooster which is the first acelation program of Spain. I was part as CTO and full stack developer

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